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Meet Anastasia

Meet Elijah

Anastasia is a content developer in Realty Pack. She has an MA in mass communications and media studies. She likes fact-checking and her favorite phrase is: The more you research, the less you regret. Anastasia loves watching ballet performances in her free time and thinks that this is the best way to relax your mind.

Elijah is a writer, teacher and marketer. He holds bachelor’s degree in hardware technologies. He has fresh ideas everyday and is in love with innovative marketing ideas. He has a thing for SEO and finding new tricks to rank high on Google keeps him up at night. He loves to cook vegetarian dishes and listen to classical music when he is not working.


Meet Kiana

Meet Vivien

Kiana is a content writer at Realtypack. She earned a BA in Sociology. Kiana thinks marketing is her passion and one true love. In her free time, she enjoys interior design, collecting vintage and being a book worm. If you ask her what the ideal way of living should look like she will answer you with the quote from Alice in Wonderland: “It should be curiouser and curiouser everyday”.

Vivien is a content writer at Realtypack. After doing a bachelor’s degree in English philology, she is involved in real estate copy-writing. Alongside copy-writing, she is interested in graphic designing and tries to fulfill her knowledge in this field.
In her free time Vivien enjoys those cozy hours of being at home, watching movies with plot twists or reading books.