What Matters While Working Remotely – Real Estate Edition
Posted By: Victoria

We always say that working from home is way easier than working from the office. Quite simply, you don’t need to take time commuting just to go to the office. More importantly, you feel more comfortable while working from home.…

working from home real estate
Working from Home Vs Working from Office-Real Estate Edition
Posted By: Victoria

 The year 2020 simply changed our lives. Because of the pandemic, our daily lives have changed. Lockdown and social distancing were very difficult rules to follow. Offices, schools, universities and almost everything was closed. COVID-19 changed our lives and all…

productive real estate agent
How to Be a More Productive Real Estate Agent During Covid-19?
Posted By: Elena

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything—both the working style of businesses and the mental state of people. This is a problem that affects almost everyone. The real estate industry has shifted to remote work for the most part. Priorities and…