How Can Facebook Help You to Promote Your Real Estate Business?
How Can Facebook Help You to Promote Your Real Estate Business?
Posted By: Elena

The role of social media is huge today. It is especially true since some businesses went into remote work during the pandemic. The real estate sector is no exception. While social media was vital to the real estate business before…

popular words for real estate business
Necessary Fundamental Words for Real Estate Beginners
Posted By: Sarah

In this article, we will study some basic key terms and most popular words of real estate business. Overview In my mind, every new career is destined for success even when we are totally beginners in that area. One of…

real estate mobile app
Why Do I Need a Mobile App for My IDX Website?
Posted By: Anastasia

If you are wondering if a real estate mobile app could help your business, let us provide an answer for you. Yes. Every business now needs an app in order to grow the visibility of its brand and provide a…

real estate video marketing
Top 6 Video Ideas for Your Real Estate Website
Posted By: Anastasia

Videos are popular. Today, people prefer watching videos to reading advertisements and promotional posts. And real estate is no exception. Implementing a real estate video marketing strategy has power and can help businesses in the lead generation process.  In this…

real estate agent's bio
How to Create the Best Real Estate Agent’s Bio
Posted By: Anastasia

In this technological era, it’s easier to find all kinds of information online. Checking facts online has become possible for almost everyone and about everything, so people have gotten used to doing it through the internet in a short period…

open house
Open Houses During the Covid-19 Outbreak: Tips on Safe Open House Tours
Posted By: Kiana

As many real estate agents might have heard already, Governor Pritzker of Illinois announced that real estate is an essential service and is thereby exempted from the stay at home order. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. In many…

selling homes
Mistakes Agents Should Avoid When Selling Homes
Posted By: Anastasia

Selling homes demands thinking about various tasks and limiting the risks that might disrupt the process. Agents should have skills and knowledge, such as problem-solving abilities, the ability to convince people, and influencing skills, and they should use them while…

real estate marketing ideas
Top Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2020
Posted By: Kiana

Real estate marketing in 2019 was full of exciting new strategies that we incorporated in our brand development. The year started with being more visual and creating a more depth content, and it slowly transitioned to more video-oriented content. 2020 promises…

top real estate marketing strategies
Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies
Posted By: Tonya

Marketing, in some circles, is considered a creative field. Even though some marketing strategies are approved and appreciated, it still always comes down to creativity and figuring out what works for you and your real estate business. However, we can…