NAR Forms a Partnership with LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance
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On Wednesday May 26th, NAR (National Association of Realtors) announced a partnership with LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance. The Alliance was founded in June 2020 and has more than 1,200 members across the United States and Canada. According to a statement…

The Favorite CMA tool for Real Estate Agents — the MLS
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CMA or comparative market analysis is a tool used by a real estate agent to estimate the price or value of a specific property by evaluating similar ones that have recently sold in the same area. It turns out that…

real estate trends 2021
Top 9 Real Estate Trends You Should Follow in 2021
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The real estate industry is always changing and evolving. So are the trends in the real estate industry. Every year, there are different trends, tools and predictions for real estate agents. If a real estate agent knows and follows these…

time management for real estate
Time Management for Real Estate Agents: How to Balance Your Life
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No matter the situation, this topic seems to be a relevant one every time. Of course, time management is a very important point for every human being. This is a main issue especially for real estate agents because these are…

Zillow buying ShowigTime
New Era in the Real Estate Industry – Zillow Is Buying ShowingTime
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The real estate industry is evolving over the years, and of course, agents have to follow these changes in order to stay competitive in the market. Most of the changes in the real estate industry allow agents, brokers and brokerage…

RealtyFeed – The Unique Sides of Real Estate Business App
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The most important part of the real estate business is managing several important resources–time, energy and money. Nevertheless, real estate professionals still put a lot of effort into communicating with clients. Agents have to manage countless social platforms to successfully…

holiday real estate marketing
Holiday Real Estate Marketing During the Pandemic
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Christmas is always a time for more active and creative real estate marketing. Real estate agents are hosting Christmas open houses, decorating listings to showcase the spirit of this holiday season, and sending Christmas cards to celebrate this amazing holiday…

real estate staging
Staging for Real Estate Sales: Pros and Cons
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Real estate staging is becoming a more and more popular trend in the real estate industry. Many real estate agents believe that real estate staging is one of the key factors that influences a client’s homebuying process. With the right…

real estate technology
The Future of Real Estate Technology
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Scientists have yet to fully grasp how the pandemic changed our work practices, but there is no doubt the real estate industry is already transforming into its more technologically advanced self due to the impact of the pandemic. And even…

real estate agent burnout
How to Avoid Burnout: Real Estate Edition
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With the craziness of pandemic keeping our world out of the normal loop of things, it’s very easy to feel tired, overwhelmed, and even more, burned out. With real estate agents deemed essential workers in many states, no wonder so…