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Victoria is a writer and marketer at Realtypack. She has a master degree in international relations and politics, but marketing stays as the true love of her. Along with marketing, she is interested in studying foreign languages, reading books, and listening to music, as these are the best opportunities to spend the spare time. In her free time, she tries her best to stay at home and to develop herself. Victoria enjoys studying the Chinese language and graphic designs.

How To Reach Your Future Clients on Social Media Platforms – Real Estate Edition
Posted By: Victoria

Real estate agents are always thinking about finding future clients. They are asking how they can reach their future clients on social media and how to become more productive on different social media platforms.  Social media platforms differ from each…

What Matters While Working Remotely – Real Estate Edition
Posted By: Victoria

We always say that working from home is way easier than working from the office. Quite simply, you don’t need to take time commuting just to go to the office. More importantly, you feel more comfortable while working from home.…

How to Become Famous in the Real Estate Industry
Posted By: Victoria

The real estate industry is for all. Virtually everyone is interested in this huge industry. There are millions of people in the real estate industry, and even more are interested in this huge industry.  Being famous and popular in real…

How To Stay Focused While Working Remotely – Real Estate Edition
Posted By: Victoria

The global pandemic made us stay at home. We had to study and work from home. It was not easy to adapt at first, but now we are somehow able to manage working from home.  The real estate industry is…

How to Communicate With Clients in the Real Estate Industry
Posted By: Victoria

Communication is a very important aspect of every industry. Quite simply, we use different communication tips and techniques on a daily basis. No matter whether someone is our co-worker, manager, client or another professional acquaintance, communication is always an important…

working from home real estate
Working from Home Vs Working from Office-Real Estate Edition
Posted By: Victoria

 The year 2020 simply changed our lives. Because of the pandemic, our daily lives have changed. Lockdown and social distancing were very difficult rules to follow. Offices, schools, universities and almost everything was closed. COVID-19 changed our lives and all…

real estate trends 2021
Top 9 Real Estate Trends You Should Follow in 2021
Posted By: Victoria

The real estate industry is always changing and evolving. So are the trends in the real estate industry. Every year, there are different trends, tools and predictions for real estate agents. If a real estate agent knows and follows these…

time management for real estate
Time Management for Real Estate Agents: How to Balance Your Life
Posted By: Victoria

No matter the situation, this topic seems to be a relevant one every time. Of course, time management is a very important point for every human being. This is a main issue especially for real estate agents because these are…

Zillow buying ShowigTime
New Era in the Real Estate Industry – Zillow Is Buying ShowingTime
Posted By: Victoria

The real estate industry is evolving over the years, and of course, agents have to follow these changes in order to stay competitive in the market. Most of the changes in the real estate industry allow agents, brokers and brokerage…