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Anastasia is a writer and teacher. She has a bachelor's degree in the faculty of social sciences, education, and humanities. Besides, she is interested in art, particularly she plays several instruments, makes handmade jewelry, and practices Latin social dances. She loves working on herself and is dedicated to the development of herself and her surroundings.

The Real Story of a Real Estate Agent Recognized by Guinness World Records
Posted By: Anita

In this blog post, I am going to tell you the real story of the two-time Guinness World Record holder, real estate agent Ben Caballero from Dallas, Texas. I believe his story will be motivational for new agents and also…

IDX Solutions for Real Estate Explained
Posted By: Anita

IDX or internet data exchange is a real estate business term that refers to the technology and individual agreements between your MLS, individual agent, and brokerage websites that permit them to display MLS listings online. IDX gives MLS participants the…

real estate agents in Canada
Top Real Estate Agents in Canada
Posted By: Anita

In this article, we are going to talk about the top real estate agents and their achievements in Canada. Here, I will introduce you to Marnie Ann Bennett, Gary Wong and Derrick Stretch, who I believe are some of the…

How to Build a Real Estate Website
Posted By: Anita

To build your brand, have an essential place in the real estate business, gain trust, and accordingly more leads, you need to exist in a virtual world in a way where you can stand out.  There are numerous ways and…

The Best Real Estate Schools in the U.S.
Posted By: Anita

I know choosing the right school that meets your needs and market demands and that guarantees high-quality education is hard. Sometimes it’s so difficult that you give up searching and think, “Do I need it at all?” Of course, you…

How to Name Your Business as a New Agent
Posted By: Anita

Do you pay attention to someone’s name when you meet them? Have you noticed that a name plays a huge role in a person’s life? Sometimes, a name can fascinate or make you laugh, or from the name, you might…

The Benefits of New Normal in Real Estate Business
Posted By: Anita

Before we start talking about the change that COVID-19 brought to our everyday lives and how real estate industry representatives may keep up with it, let me explain what the new normal stands for. The new normal is a current…

Real Estate Digital Marketing
Use of Digital Marketing in Real Estate for Beginner Realtors
Posted By: Anita

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses electronic devices to deliver and measure the impact of promotional messages. Generally, digital marketing refers to marketing campaigns that appear on a computer, telephone, tablet, or another device. It may appear…

The Favorite CMA tool for Real Estate Agents — the MLS
Posted By: Anita

CMA or comparative market analysis is a tool used by a real estate agent to estimate the price or value of a specific property by evaluating similar ones that have recently sold in the same area. It turns out that…