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Elena is a content writer at Realtypack. She studies journalism. She is in love with writing advertising articles and improving her knowledge in psychology. Besides singing and playing the piano, She loves watching series and taking pictures. Her dream is to visit many countries around the world. Elena’s life motto is: ‘’Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got’’.

RealtyFeed – The Unique Sides of Real Estate Business App
Posted By: Elena

The most important part of the real estate business is managing several important resources–time, energy and money. Nevertheless, real estate professionals still put a lot of effort into communicating with clients. Agents have to manage countless social platforms to successfully…

promote real estate business
How to Promote Your Real Estate Business in Today’s Reality?
Posted By: Elena

Promoting a business today is done in many new ways. Especially since the pandemic, the direct means by which most of the businesses were popularized have changed. The world has moved into virtual space. We all knew that sooner or…

real estate client
Why Might a Client Not Buy a Home?
Posted By: Elena

Home is the place where we spend most of our lives. It should be cozy and comfortable in every way to remember the moments spent there pleasantly. Choosing a home is quite a difficult process, and often even the best…

productive real estate agent
How to Be a More Productive Real Estate Agent During Covid-19?
Posted By: Elena

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything—both the working style of businesses and the mental state of people. This is a problem that affects almost everyone. The real estate industry has shifted to remote work for the most part. Priorities and…

How Can Facebook Help You to Promote Your Real Estate Business?
How Can Facebook Help You to Promote Your Real Estate Business?
Posted By: Elena

The role of social media is huge today. It is especially true since some businesses went into remote work during the pandemic. The real estate sector is no exception. While social media was vital to the real estate business before…

instagram for real estate business
Is It A Good Idea To Have An Instagram For Your Real Estate Business?
Posted By: Elena

A real estate business takes a lot to be successful, starting with professional employees and ending with strategy and direction. No one disputes that social media contributes the most to the success of the real estate businesses. Over time, many…

youtube for real estate
5 Unique Ways to Use YouTube Effectively for Your Real Estate Business
Posted By: Elena

In the 21st century, the contribution of social media to business development is particularly large. As far back as decades ago, companies used a number of methods to introduce their products to the public, which were more or less justified…

How to Prepare Your Real Estate Business for the Real Estate Reopenings
Posted By: Elena

Slowly everything is returning to its place. People have learned to live and work with the coronavirus. Many companies have resumed operations. Real estate associations are no exception. It’s time to prepare your real estate business for the real estate…