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Elijah is a writer, teacher, and marketer. He has fresh ideas every day and is in love with innovative marketing ideas. He has a thing for SEO and finding new tricks to rank high on Google keeps him up at night. He loves to cook vegetarian dishes and listen to classical music when he is not working.

marketing luxury real estate
How to Market Luxury Real Estate
Posted By: Elijah

Marketing products are probably the most important stage in making a sale. Nowadays, business people from all industries understand the value of marketing and spend a lot of money on it.  As for real estate, marketing has been there from…

real estate tendencies
Real Estate Tendencies in 2020
Posted By: Elijah

Year 2020 promises to be the year of innovations and the start of a decade that is challenged by artificial intelligence and climate change. Real estate business is no exception, and it will face new threats and opportunities.  Technology is…

How to Use ActiveRain For Your Real Estate Business?
Posted By: Elijah

ActiveRain is probably one of those social media platforms which has been unjustly underrated. It may not be as huge as public social media such as Facebook and Instagram, but it is a force to be reckoned with when it…

attract foreign real estate investments
How To Attract Foreign Real Estate Investments
Posted By: Elijah

The real estate market is one of the most important pillars of every economy. Some very huge economies in the world like Canada and India depend very strongly on it.  Real estate is currently the safest investment in the world…

Top Content Management Systems for Real Estate Websites
Posted By: Elijah

Once you have your real estate website rolling, your blog becomes the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Posts, images, and ads are an important part of content and should be managed effectively. Posting and publishing without a regular basis or…

best real estate software packages
Best Real Estate Software Packages for Agents
Posted By: Elijah

Having software packages that you trust is very important in Real estate Business. Working as a real estate agent has never been so challenging as it is now. Unlike most other professions, an agent is always on the go. Clients…