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Anastasia is a content developer in Realty Pack. Her main profession is journalism. She likes fact-checking and her favorite phrase is: The more you research, the less you regret. Anastasia loves watching ballet performances in her free time and thinks that this is the best way to relax your mind.

real estate agent's bio
How to Create the Best Real Estate Agent’s Bio
Posted By: Anastasia

In this technological era, it’s easier to find all kinds of information online. Checking facts online has become possible for almost everyone and about everything, so people have gotten used to doing it through the internet in a short period…

selling homes
Mistakes Agents Should Avoid When Selling Homes
Posted By: Anastasia

Selling homes demands thinking about various tasks and limiting the risks that might disrupt the process. Agents should have skills and knowledge, such as problem-solving abilities, the ability to convince people, and influencing skills, and they should use them while…

real estate SEO
3 Reasons Why Having an SEO Manager Is Important for the Real Estate Business
Posted By: Anastasia

Do you have a real estate website, with a good design, functionality, features, logo, slogan and think that now you can generate leads? Is there anything you might be missing? Well, good and flexible websites attract users’ attention, but is…

social media for real estate
Top Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Agents
Posted By: Anastasia

In this article, we will discuss top social media platforms for real estate agents. Overview When talking about achieving business success and organizing marketing plans, no one can escape talking about social media. Traditional marketing is still working in some…

real estate marketing tools
Top Real Estate Marketing Tools for Your IDX Website
Posted By: Anastasia

These days, having a real estate website isn’t enough. Your website needs to integrate good, diverse content. And it needs good marketing tools to publicize that content and increase the visibility of your business. In this blog, we will review…

server optimization services
How Server Optimization Services Help My IDX Website
Posted By: Anastasia

Why do you need server optimization services? Creating a website that generates more leads is an important issue for real estate agents and not only.  Everyone thinks to have a website with a catchy design.  The design of a website…

smart goals for real estate
How to Set SMART Goals for Real Estate
Posted By: Anastasia

Setting SMART goals for real estate business is a very important step. Businesses that have defined goals are more successful than the ones who haven’t. We hear a lot about the importance of a clear and measurable goal, but most…