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Kiana is a content writer at Realtypack. She is passionate about interior design, collecting vintage and being a book worm.

open house
Open Houses During the Covid-19 Outbreak: Tips on Safe Open House Tours
Posted By: Kiana

As many real estate agents might have heard already, Governor Pritzker of Illinois announced that real estate is an essential service and is thereby exempted from the stay at home order. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. In many…

real estate marketing ideas
Top Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2020
Posted By: Kiana

Real estate marketing in 2019 was full of exciting new strategies that we incorporated in our brand development. The year started with being more visual and creating a more depth content, and it slowly transitioned to more video-oriented content. 2020 promises…

vlogging real estate
Why Vlogging is Such a Powerful Tool in Real Estate For 2020
Posted By: Kiana

In this article, we will discuss why the importance of real estate vlogging. Overview As every successful business owner will tell you, the key to establishing a connection with your audience is to be real. You should show who you…

Pinterest for real estate
Why Pinterest for Your Real Estate Brand?
Posted By: Kiana

This guide will serve you as a roadmap to using Pinterest for real estate marketing purposes. Overview We all constantly hear the same advice: promote your content on social media…Instagram is killing it right now…you should focus your efforts there…

Decorate your real estate office
How to Decorate Your Real Estate Office
Posted By: Kiana

At first sight, decorating a real estate office might seem like an irrelevant feature comparing to other marketing and branding strategies. To be fair, we won’t be surprised if you think so too. After all, real estate agents spend most…

Tools for Your Real Estate business
Best Tools for Your Real Estate Business
Posted By: Kiana

Real estate agents are known for the perfect multitasking skills. Being the real estate agent means being a marketer, communication specialist and sometimes even a designer. As we all know, juggling a million tasks at once is impossible even for…

making leads stay on your real estate website longer
Making Leads Stay on Your Real Estate Website Longer
Posted By: Kiana

It’s already big progress when people visit your real estate website, but what your initial goal should be is to keep them interested enough, which will make your leads stay on your real estate website longer. Here is the thing,…